Opening Reception Friday Evening, August 4, 2017, 5-8 pm

Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona opens the new exhibition “New and Novel” to introduce works by exciting new artists and to introduce new works by current gallery artists as well. The exhibition opens with a 1st Friday reception, August 4th, from 5-8 pm, and all are invited to stop in and explore. (read more below)

Patty-Ripley-PTR1-Shore Breeze-w Greg-Gummersall-GG5-Untitled-1-C36-2-w Gregory-Deane-GD178-Air-Falls

Gestural, large-scale paintings in minimalist palettes by C. Gregory Gummersall are new to the gallery by an artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally for close to forty years. Gummersall continues to make his mark on the art world with imagery that suggests symbols or signs, although with meanings sensed rather than grasped. Gummersall often captures the feel of quickly-drawn graffiti but contrasts its immediacy by building on his elements, erasing nothing, layering his paint, and allowing the history of his marks to remain visible. In the cases where Gummersall applies a “ground” over his “figures” he notes that this reflects his unusual interest in balancing the spontaneity of seeming chaos with the need for a sense of order. As he elaborates, “It also utilizes the free form of expressionist, seemingly random marks with the more minimal ordering via painting out the excess chaos that then forms a new ground. Rhythmic lines, as architectural elements, add to the gestalt.” There is a sense of play evoked in each Greg Gummersall painting, but it is a play of substance and meaning.

Flowing abstract paintings with subtle landscape references by artist Patty Ripley are also brand new to Lanning Gallery. Several unplanned layers of thin paint usually begin one of her paintings. “Next, I may add charcoal or pastels,” Patty Ripley explains, “and as it progresses then more layers of thin and thicker paint to bring out the forms that come forth.” She uses a variety of tools - brushes, scrapers, palette knives, even her fingers. For Ripley it is always important to take life experiences back to the studio: “Some paintings are light and joyful while others are deeper and contemplative, varied like my life,” she notes, “intending to bring depth, beauty and authenticity to the world.” Her desire is to offer a deeply nurturing and meaningful experience, at an emotional level, to collectors and viewers of her paintings.

Also new to the gallery are several extraordinary paintings by acclaimed international abstract artist Gregory Deane and paintings by popular Impressionist painter Cynthia Reid also await gallery visitors. Delightful, yet thoroughly insightful, primitive paintings by the beloved Bill Woolway (1919-2016) are newly acquired at the gallery as well.

This exhibition runs through August 13th.

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