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Lanning Gallery is excited to present a custom-designed line of furniture from the unique group of American artisans called "Sticks." Their handmade, hand-painted furniture and object art is developing a devoted following across the U.S. and Lanning Gallery has worked closely with the gifted designers at Sticks to develop a line that best reflects the ambiance of Lanning's comfortable, yet elegant gallery.
Every one of Sticks' pieces is completely handmade from start to finish: One group of artisans hand carve and assemble each piece; another group paints the backgrounds; another paints the details of each intricate design. There is an individual who stitches each piece of leather. Many of the birch and poplar logs used are actual pieces of driftwood, found along riverbanks, which have naturally aged and dried. All paints and finishes used by Sticks are water-based and non-toxic.
The origins of Sticks dates to 1985 when founder Sarah Grant, an abstract painter and college art instructor, was commissioned to design a wooden nativity set. The project challenged her to translate her talents onto a 3-D surface; etched wooden furniture from the twenties and thirties became her inspiration. In 1991, Better Homes and Gardens featured her start-up company, "Origin Art Forms," which resulted in a huge influx of orders. Grant incorporated her company as Sticks, Inc. in 1992 and their current line of furniture, trays, boxes, and object art began to evolve.
Lanning Gallery features a variety of pieces from a full dining table with chairs to object art such as wall mirrors and Lazy Susans. Each piece is beautiful as a functioning piece of furniture or useful object; however, the closer you get to each, the more details you notice. The paintings that cover the leather and wood are alive with energy and the rich tones and finishes invite you to welcome a Sticks original into your home.

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