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Paul Braun head shotIn creating the intricate, mystical carvings for which he’s become known, from tabletop pieces to works that stand over six feet tall, Paul Braun draws inspiration from ancient constructions. After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art in the late 1980s Braun had the opportunity to use a traveling scholarship to study, in detail, the megalithic structures in Ireland, England, and other European countries. Stonehenge, Newgrange, and Knowth were among the mysterious Neolithic stone formations that had a dramatic influence on his work.

Whether working in steatite alone or a set of contrasting stones such as black soapstone and limestone, Paul Braun seeks to allow the natural beauty of the stone to reveal itself while he explores the balance between natural, polished and textured surfaces. "I feel that sculpture is about creating form in which the artist exhibits control, balance and mystery,” Braun says. “I enjoy working in the abstract because it allows me the freedom to explore the material - it offers the opportunity to highlight the natural beauty of the stone in unique ways.”

Ancient designs, both intricate and subtle, complement Braun’s organically shaped elements as his body of work combines age-old concepts with contemporary forms. An intrinsic passage is expressed in the sculptures of Paul Braun, one that is simultaneously ancient and alive.

Collectors have placed the stone sculptures of Paul Braun both indoors and out, allowing gardens and entryways to be graced as easily as any living space with the subtle and dramatic presence of these remarkable sculptures.

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