Ted CoConis

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Ted CoConis Giclees

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Price range: $1,595 to $54,000 for Original Paintings; $2,200 to $4,800 for Giclees

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Ted CoConis head shotTed CoConis was awarded a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago during his grade school years, but instead of working toward academic success, he abandoned his formal education, added a few years to his age and trained as a pilot with the US Air Force near the end of World War II. Ted CoConis was honorably discharged a year later when they found out he was underage, so he joined the Merchant Marines and ended up in Russian-occupied Romania.

By the time he got back, Chicago seemed pretty tame, so Ted CoConis headed off to Las Vegas and then Los Angeles, finally ending up in San Francisco, where he landed his first freelance commission as an illustrator. It wasn't long before a major art studio in New York recognized his talent, so he heeded the call and quickly established himself as one of this country's preeminent illustrators of books, magazines and movie posters.

Paintings by Ted CoConis have appeared in every major magazine from Cosmopolitan and Playboy to Ladies' Home Journal and Good Housekeeping. He was commissioned to create paintings for movie posters such as "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Man of La Mancha" among others. The art of Ted CoConis has graced the covers of countless books, including those of Vladimir Nabokov and Jerzy Kosinski, each of whom acquired a painting for his personal collection. James Michener chose Ted CoConis to illustrate his novels for Readers' Digest Condensed Books and Betsy Byars selected CoConis's art for her Newberry Award-winning children's book Summer of the Swans.

Around 1980 Ted CoConis decided to concentrate on his own fine art while living in Paris and the Greek Islands. The figurative paintings born of this effort have been widely exhibited at galleries, museums and other prestigious institutions. Original paintings by Ted CoConis, as well as his portrait and illustrative commissions, have received numerous awards from major art organizations and associations of art directors and designers. In 2013 Ted CoConis received the tremendous honor of being named to New York’s Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame. A European film documentary on Ted CoConis and his singular artwork is currently in production.

Quite a few prestigious organizations and interesting people own work by Ted CoConis:
The Bishop Museum, The Boca Raton Museum of Art, Jim Henson Associates, Lockheed Martin, Piper Aircraft, Readers' Digest Association, Erich Segal, United Artists, The US Air Force, The US Army, Universal Studios, the late Jerzy Kosinski, and Vladimir Nabokov among others.

See the video presentation about Ted CoConis created by the Society of Illustrators.

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