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2-Arm-Saguaro-600pix 11ft-Saguaro-600pix Assorted-Cactus-600pix Barrel-Cactus-600pix Medium-Agave-600pix Prickly-Pear-Cactus-01-600pix Sawtooth-Cactus-600pix Eric-Richard-palm-tree-octopus-agave-lg-pot Eric-Richard-small-prickly-pear Eric-Richard-14ft-saguaro-9ft-barrels Eric-Richard-21ft-saguaro Eric-Richard-Lighted-Barrel-Cactus Eric-Richard-lighted-saguaro Eric-Richard-octopus-agave-small-pot Eric-RIchard-Joshua-Tree-2 arm-inset Eric-RIchard-Joshua-Tree-2 arm Yucca

 Price range: $350 to $15,600. Point to an image for more information. Click to enlarge.




A passion for art combined with backgrounds in sculpture, fabrication and steel structures has led the team at Eric Richard Cactus to create their unique and triumphantly realistic cactus series.

Not only is each cactus hand-formed and hand-welded in galvanized steel (able to withstand winds up to 90 mph) but a variety of innovative options are available such as interior lighting, crown-flower packages and “nubs” for the spear cacti.

No matter where you live a cactus is now a landscaping option – and a dramatic addition to home décor. The majestic saguaro is available in sizes ranging from five to twenty-one feet high with two, five or seven arms. A spear cactus is available in sizes from six to eleven feet high with a variety of “nubs” (the beginning form of a cactus arm); a barrel cactus comes in four sizes ranging from 9” x 14” to 17” x 24” (or a set of three in sm/med/lg); a unique swirled fishhook cactus is available at 20” x 23” and a prickly pear cactus is available at 32” x 58” x 16”. The sculptures come in three different finishes: verdigris (green), rust, and stainless steel.

No water is needed when you choose a cactus sculpture; no birds, insects or fungus will ever pose a problem; no thorns will pose a risk to children or pets; and the sculptures can fill areas around your home or building where no other plants will grow.

The choice is yours: Make a dramatic statement with a towering saguaro, make a surprising statement with a row of barrel cacti lighting your walkway at night, or make a subtle statement with a fishhook cactus nestled in your flower garden. For the beauty of nature without the time and expense of maintenance, these cactus sculptures offer the perfect solution.


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