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Roger Wood head shotArtist Roger Wood madly collects odd, forlorn, mysterious, intriguing things – he is an absolute yard sale and flea market junkie. And from this curious collection he selects and assembles timepieces that are utterly unique. His singular passion and vision burst forth from every clock he creates.

“To me they’re sculpture disguised as clocks,” Roger Wood says, referring to his work. “They involve the same kind of elements you try to get in sculpture like harmony, unity, rhythm, and eye movement.” The artist is able to satisfy his own high standards while pulling the perfect combination of weathered artifacts from over 600 overburdened – and ill-labeled – boxes and drawers. Lanning Gallery’s director, Isabelle Cozart, points out, “Visitors to the gallery love to study each piece by Roger Wood and find things they recognize like the tube from inside an old TV set or the gauge from an ancient football pump. His ‘exploding clock’ series epitomizes the sense of absolute fun he brings to each of his creations.”

There is undeniable charm in a clock that appears to have blown apart even as its second hand continues to sweep. There is equal charm in a clock whose key element is an ancient trumpet or a shoemaker’s wooden form. Each painstakingly assembled piece could hold elements close to one hundred years old, though their clock components are battery operated and thoroughly modern. Roger Wood finishes each of his one-of-a-kind pieces with a trademark feather attached to the second hand – a fanciful element in constant motion on every one of his clocks. Artist Roger Wood, without a doubt, approaches his art with a firm belief that the world can use more joy and that he can do his part to offer a counterbalance of play and wonder in a world that can often seem too serious and chaotic.

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