Patty Ripley

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“Painting the essence of how I experience, say, a hike along a shore trail or a deep conversation by a rushing river, and conveying that through color choices and paint is deeply satisfying for me.”

Artist Patty Ripley always felt drawn to art. Having been born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, her interests led her to a Graphic Communication, B.Sc. Degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. But California was not to be her home forever: she married a Canadian and found her life relocated to British Columbia where her passion for painting continued, as did her studies. The University of British Columbia, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Focal Point Photography Studio, and hours and hours in her own studio experimenting and honing her style resulted in the singular vision and mastery of techniques that her free-flowing paintings exhibit. As a recipient of a month-long artist residency, in February 2015 at the Vermont Studio Center, Patty Ripley was able to support her artistic vision all the more.

As with the best of artists, the painting process of Patty Ripley continues to evolve: Several unplanned layers of thin paint usually begin each piece. “Next, I may add charcoal or pastels,” Patty Ripley explains, “and as it progresses then more layers of thin and thicker paint to bring out the forms that come forth. I use a variety of tools - brushes, fingers, scrapers and palette knives. I allow mistakes and use these to further the process. It's a playful interplay of keen listening to what needs to come forth and allowing the materials to do that. It's best not to over think or over work yet to become fluid with the process. That's when the magic happens.”

For artist Patty Ripley it is important to take life experiences back to the studio. “Some paintings are light and joyful while others are deeper and contemplative, varied like my life, intending to bring depth, beauty and authenticity to the world.” Her desire is to offer a deeply nurturing and meaningful experience, at an emotional level, to collectors and viewers of her paintings. If they are “wowed, calmed or moved” by a painting, Patty Ripley notes, then “I’ve given a gift and feel gratitude.”

Paintings by Patty Ripley are in collections within Canada – British Columbia, Ontario, and the Maritimes – as well as the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

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