C. Gregory Gummersall

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Greg Gummersall head shotWith solo exhibitions dating as far back as 1978 which, by now, include exhibitions from Colorado to Chicago, California to Switzerland, Germany, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arizona Greg Gummersall has made his mark on the art world. And continues to do so. His was an artistic life that began while the soon-to-be artist worked ranches in Wyoming and Colorado, privately studying technique and creating his art. He was over thirty years old when that initial exhibition in Colorado became a springboard for what would become a prestigious career.

Greg Gummersall began painting full time in the 1980s and a move to California brought him closer to major art centers where he exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Palm Springs. In 1987 famed gallerist Elaine Horwitch gave him a solo exhibition and continued to promote his paintings at her numerous galleries for the remainder of her years. Sitting on various art-related boards, such as for ART/LA and West Coast New Art Examiner magazine embedded Gummersall even deeper into the West Coast art scene – until he decided that that “scene” was no longer what he desired. In the late ‘90s Greg Gummersall relocated to an 80-acre ranch in the foothills of the Rockies and let the quiet spaces of the American West feed his artistic soul once again.

Some advised this move would be career suicide but that has certainly not been the case. The paintings of Greg Gummersall have long echoed not only the influence of West Coast art but also the New York School abstract expressionists that he has long admired, and now find balance, inspiration and contrast provided by the natural spaces that surround him. In Gummersall’s paintings one may find references to Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Willem de Kooning as well as Cy Twombly, and Richard Diebenkorn, but any urban sensibility of energetic movement may find equal reflection with nature’s rhythms.

There is a spontaneous quality to each Greg Gummersall painting. With gestural brushstrokes that may suggest symbols or signs, meanings sensed though not grasped, Gummersall often captures the feel of quickly-drawn graffiti but contrasts its immediacy by building on his elements, erasing nothing, layering his paint, and allowing the history of his marks to remain visible. In the cases where Gummersall applies a “ground” over his “figures” he notes that this reflects his unusual interest in balancing the spontaneity of seeming chaos with the need for a sense of order. As he elaborates, “It also utilizes the free form of expressionist, seemingly random marks with the more minimal ordering via painting out the excess chaos that then forms a new ground. Rhythmic lines, as architectural elements, add to the gestalt.” There is a sense of play evoked in each Greg Gummersall painting, but it is a play of substance and meaning.

The art of C. Gregory Gummersall is in important private, corporate and public collections including the Fordham University Museum at Lincoln Center NYC, Federal Reserve Bank Chicago, Palm Springs Art Museum, Toyota, Tucson Museum of Art, ANA Sheraton Hotel/ Osaka, Pacific Bank and many others.

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