Michael Grant: Master Jeweler

Artist Reception Friday Evening, December 4, 2015, 5-8 pm

In time for the holidays Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona hosts its annual exhibition of exquisite new jewelry pieces from Michael Grant.

“It is continually amazing to me how much of a relationship I’ve experienced with turquoise: treasured moments and memories, enough for a lifetime,” Michael Grant observes. He goes on to note that, “On one hand turquoise is a very simple stone; it is located and mined relatively easily. Also, it is cut and polished successfully with simple tools; a stone for the people, easily available. On the other hand, it continues to reveal itself. After thirty years of searching and collecting, I only recently obtained my first bag of nuggets from the Old Burnham mine in Nevada and they have a color of blue that I’ve never seen before.”

While Michael Grant hand cuts many fine stones, turquoise is his true passion and 2015 has seen tremendous change in its worldwide demand. The prices to obtain the highest quality stone reached its highest level ever.

“This increase in value, and unavailability, has caused a new demand,” Michael Grant explains. “New mines, new attempts to re-open old mines, and newly found old collections of stone, keep surfacing onto today’s market. There are endless different qualities of natural turquoise; the same mine can produce dozens of different valued gem qualities. And, there are many imitation and enhanced stones that shade the market with confusion. Never be afraid to ask questions and learn,” Grant adds. “The more turquoise you see and touch, the more you know. Turquoise can be such a wonderful, cumulative experience.”

Among Michael Grant’s new pieces are a Birdseye Kingman turquoise bead necklace with coral, many new earring designs, necklaces of turquoise from the Old Burnham mine, cuffs and more.

These are exquisite pieces by a true artist. “Master Jeweler Michael Grant” runs through December 24th.

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