Artist's Reception Friday Evening, May 5, 2017, 5-8 pm - Artist Talk, 6 pm

Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona opens the new exhibition “Marshall Noice: Living Color” and welcomes the engaging artist back to the gallery for an opening night 1st Friday reception, May 5th, from 5-8 pm. Noice gives an Artist Talk at 6 pm that is free and open to the public.

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For Marshall Noice interpreting landscapes has always been a draw even throughout his twenty-three years as a professional photographer. When he made the switch to painting, and applied the loose, expressive style he favored to the landscapes he loved, success came quickly. He now enjoys a national following for his vibrantly colored Contemporary Expressionist landscape paintings. Marshall Noice uses layer upon layer of brilliantly hued oil paints to capture the scenes that most inspire him. “My paintings are made in response to things I see in the natural world,” Noice explains. “They capture a place at a particular time. And they capture a moment in my sensibility.”           

Living in the west provides an endless source of daily inspiration for Marshall Noice who also points out that, “a literal description of landscape is not high on my list of priorities.” What he captures is the rich emotion of each scene: Trees become blue or yellow as impression inspires; purple shadows or red hills highlight scenes with vibrant fields or rivers that draw viewers in.  “It's impossible to resist the urge [to paint] when the right subject matter comes before me,” Marshall Noice says. “It's almost a magnetic attraction ... Sometimes it's the color, sometimes the light, sometimes simply the line of a distant ridge.” Along with his oil paintings Noice also creates landscapes using pastels, proving that, in the right hands pastels can be just as brilliant, strong and dramatically captivating.

Always shifting and growing with his explorations of color, Marshall Noice firmly believes that, “in order to paint better pictures, an artist has to ask better questions.” For Noice those questions have revolved around pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking as to how one color relates to another, and to the supposed necessity of contrasting colors in order to create tension or excitement in a painting. Analogous colors (those related to each other) are thought to create only a monochromatic impression – but in the hands of a gifted, and curious, artist such as Marshall Noice, the intensity of related colors are pushed in new directions to provide unexpected excitement that draws viewers in. “I’m digging deeper, trying to determine how I feel about one particular color in relation to another,” Marshall Noice says.

Breaking new ground in color compositions combined with a growing shift toward the dissolution of form has Marshall Noice exploring ever greater depths of emotion in his paintings. The impact of this on viewers has been exciting to see. “I want the abstraction and representation to be on equal footing with each other,” Marshall Noice explains. Familiar subjects become the exciting essence of their reality – a surprisingly powerful yet identifiable presentation of landscape.

Stop in to the opening of “Marshall Noice: Living Color” and meet the engaging and gifted artist; enjoy the Artist Talk by Marshall Noice at 6 pm. This exhibition runs through May 14th.

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