• “Sire”

    by Ashley Collins, mixed media on panel, 48”h x 72”w. At Lanning Gallery in Sedona, AZ.

  • “Quartet Shadows”

    by Marshall Noice, oil on canvas, 29”h x 20”w. At Lanning Gallery in Sedona, AZ.

  • “Plaisirs Simple” (Simple Pleasures)

    by Ted CoConis, oil on linen, 31”h x 24”w. At Lanning Gallery in Sedona, AZ.

  • “Sahara Emperor Bowl”

    by Randi Solin, hand-blown studio glass, 7”h x 7”w x 7”d. At Lanning Gallery in Sedona, AZ.

  • "The Encounter"

    by Chris Deverill, bronze (AP5), 14"x 15"x 4" and 5"x 4"x 3". At Lanning Gallery in Sedona, AZ.

  • "A Mother's Love"

    by Alfred Rogoway (1900-1990), oil on burlap, 42"x 26". Available at Lanning Gallery in Sedona, AZ.



Love is an Art

Opening Reception Friday, February 5th, 2016, 5-8 pm

Lanning Gallery in Sedona, AZ gives a nod to Valentine’s Day this month by taking a broader look at love and celebrating art that captures love in all its guises.

One could argue that it takes a stir of emotion to choose to create a representation of anything; at its best, an artist is able to represent the very emotion that informed this inspiration. And so, one can look at a piece of art and actually feel the love for the mountain scene, the love for wet clay able to transform itself into exquisite raku, the love in finding every single perfect piece of found objects to construct a magnificently crazy clock, the basic yet profound love for humanity captured in a crowded urban scene, the love of creation every artist portrays in works of any nature.

At Lanning Gallery, a fine art gallery celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, there is also the undeniable and absolute love for art itself. Sophisticated abstract art by internationally acclaimed artist Gregory Deane has been represented for over twenty-five years, as has the work of famed figurative painter Alfred Rogoway (1900-1990). In fact, it was, in large part, the love of the work of Alfred Rogoway and the desire to showcase it that led to the founding of Lanning Gallery.

The gallery’s love affair with art has always maintained a wide embrace: Artists from around the country, and a few from outside its borders, have found a home here. Price point is not a guiding factor, quite a range is represented; the question is always: “Does this artist’s work have heart?”

A love affair with Paris, and most especially its women, that artist Ted CoConis captures on canvas hangs next to hand-blown studio glass vessels by Randi Solin, an artist who layers her passion for glass, from molten fire to polished surface, into every incomparable piece. Landscape artist Marshall Noice is never concerned with painting a literal rendition of a scene but rather, “an accurate record of what I sensed when looking at the landscape. ... Occasionally while I'm working on a painting in my studio I can almost smell the rain, feel the sun, or hear the wind. When that happens I know I'm on the right track.”

Stop by to enjoy this newest exhibition at Lanning Gallery and fill your senses with art. “Love is an Art” runs through February 14th.

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