"Tsezhin Tah"
Acrylic on Canvas Painting
60" x 48"

David Johns - A featured artist at the Lanning Gallery [Sedona Arizona]

World- Renowned Navajo Artist

David Johns has become well-known for capturing the oral tradition of his Diné people in abstract paintings. Long known for his figurative work, it is the spontaneity and freedom of the abstract that has captured his imagination. "You don't see the songs or stories or prayers," Johns explains, referring to the strong ties he holds for his native culture, "but you visualize what is happening." It is the essence of the experiences that make up the artist's past and present that Johns seeks to capture on canvas; "it is the true kernel of what is visual," he states. 

"David Johns is a seer, and he comes very honestly by that gift. In his remarkable artwork, he enables us to see as well. His gift becomes our gift. Here is the essential spirit of creation."

~ N. Scott Momaday  ~
Pulitzer Prize winning author

Acrylic on Canvas Painting
27" x 24"

"You can see all kinds of forms, lines and shapes; it's out there," the artist says of his abstract work. "All you have to do is look around you." It is the intertwining of these outer elements with the inner elements of his emotions, mixed with traditional Diné philosophies that fuels Johns' paintings. In late 1987 Johns began a prestigious special commission to paint a mural onto the enormous domed ceiling of Concord Place in Phoenix, AZ. From concept sketches to completion, the project would occupy three years of his life – much of it spent atop a fifty-foot scaffold. The result, an intricate portrayal of Native American history, is a breathtaking masterwork.

Johns, who had earned a BFA from Northern Arizona University's School of Fine Arts, was awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree from the university in 1997.


Acrylic on Canvas Painting
13" x 24"

"An Identity"
Acrylic on Canvas Painting
48" x 48"


Artists' Statement

My Creations on paper or canvas do not come from a place of preconception. They come from the innermost chambers of my soul. The essence of what I am is a spiritual being. I am a Diné (Navajo) man of Tl'aashchi'í clan and born for the Kiyaa'áanii clan. Even as I write it, it feels like I am saying a prayer. Everything I am and do I hope comes from a place of harmony. If my mind, body and spirit are in balance then I can produce an image which reflects my truth. I hope my abstractions are ways for the observers to feel the essence of my inner self; not to get caught up in the distractions of outer appearances. It is not the form that touches our deepest longings but rather the story my images evoke in the viewer. This is the ultimate impact of my art.

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"In Midst"
Acrylic on Canvas Painting
42" x 48"

"Red Bottom Canyon"
Acrylic on Canvas Painting
25" x 37"


"Weavers Projection"
Acrylic on Canvas Painting
72" x 60"

Acrylic on Canvas Painting
22" x 20"


"Dancing Bamboo"
Acrylic on Canvas/Board Painting
24" x 24"



"Inter-Force" - Abstract Artwork by David Johns

Acrylic on Canvas Painting
72" x 84"

"An Observing"
Acrylic on Canvas Painting
48" x 60"


"The Crossing"
Acrylic Painting
60" x 60"
--- SOLD ---




Acrylic on Canvas Painting
44" x 40"


"Dancers - Motion of Celebration II"
Acrylic Painting
48" x 48"
--- SOLD ---


Artist's prices beginning at $2,900 up to $17,000.


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"Manifestation-Landscape" - Acrylic Painting by David Johns

Acrylic on Canvas Painting
72" x 60"

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